Collection: Futuristic Breeze

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If you like to be outside the traditional mold, we have some very bold suggestions for you. For you who always stay young, our Futuristic Room is here. 

MMInterier red chaise-longue designed by René Šulc. Designed by René Šulc, Swing received the "Furniture of the Year" award at AČN 2009 and the Grand Prix Mobitex in Brno 2009. This rocking chair is an ideal product for relaxation.

Shaggy bears the signature of the designer Boris Klimek. Shaggy stools are inspired by the haystack.

Galop Glass Coffee Table is inspired by Dali's crazy designs. Like the objects painted by Dali, they are playful, asymmetrical and the product of a striking image. Birgit Günther's painting “Fata Morgana” especially highlights the futuristic design of the room. Reality gives us illusions.