Room Examples

Take a look at the rooms designed with love by our designers!  In every room  are successfully used and combined the products of All-In-Line Shop.

You will find these and many other pieces of furniture from branded manufacturers, as well as works of art on our website. And our designers will create a unique and cozy interior for you free of charge!

French Dream

Even after reading the title, we know that an aura of sophistication immediately surrounds you, because this is the French spirit.

Modernised French Elegance combines time-honoured elegance with the freshness of modernity. Curvaceous lines and the lightness of pastel colours... Achieving this effortless beauty is not a dream! You just have to be careful not to overdo it.

Minimalistic & Modern

Those who enjoy a minimalist lifestyle will appreciate the modern sleekness of this
living room. The modern design of a cozy sofa Umo L, which promises you
peaceful hours with its comfort, will create a harmonious ambience in the

Complete with an elegant armchair Colony, an incredible sunny coffee table
Soda, wooden floors, natural materials, reflected light and beautiful accessories, this place is best suited for those who find elegance in simplicity.

New and Warm Minimalism

The fashion for cold colors in minimalism is fading away, so designers create comfort with the help of warm shades: beige, cream, sand, brown. 

Then the space becomes airy, weightless and neat. Interior items and details are combined with pleasant architectural forms - rounded furniture, curved surfaces and soft outlines.

Harmonious combination of shapes and colors

There is no main character in this living room - all pieces of furniture proudly occupy their equal unique place.

Here harmony is in compatibility, and sophistication is in warm neutral colors and soft lines. You will feel comfortable here both during the day and in the evening with a cup of fragrant cocoa and your favorite book.

All-White-Look from All-in-line!

A perfect design for cosines during the winter which will also be a great corner of comfort during summer!

White color is an indicator of perfection. Indeed, on a white background, any line, any detail will distinguish against the background of snow-white purity. The white living room is designed to be incomparable! Any color and shade will sound in unison with white - there are simply no restrictions.

Spacious, comfortable, ergonomic!

How to combine the kitchen and living room into a functional and beautiful place?

Open concept kitchen-living room is perfect for small apartments, but it also looks gorgeous in big spaces when the kitchen is connected to the dining room and the living room. It gives to the space more elegant and sophisticated look.

Purity of lines and shapes

The sophisticated style of this living room combines standard and whimsical forms. Designers successfully managed to play on the contrast.

The style of the oval table Lup from Szyszka design is somewhat out of the general picture of the living room and becomes the central element of the decor. At such a table there is a feeling of comfort and cohesion.

Wood, glass, metal - mix, but do not shake!

Wood, glass and metal - all these materials are of natural origin and are associated with nature, with something beautiful, natural, real and useful, which is why they are in great demand in interior design.

And if we combine them in the right way, then as a result we will get a cozy interesting room.

Every element has its place right here!

Stylish, spacious and comfortable

The main feature of this kitchen-living room is an open space filled with light and air. The modern kitchen-living room is the purity of lines and shapes and a minimum of accessories.

Pomposity is gone, and even respectable styles now tend to be primarily comfortable, cozy, intimate, and not to amaze with scope. The main decorating principle is the principle of material balance.

Milk Chocolate

Who can say no to chocolate? No one! You will not be able to say no to this room! In this room where the warm tones of coffee are used in different details, the happiness and confidence that occurs when you eat chocolate will always be with you.

Thanks to the imposing, solid and delicious appearance of the Maxxo sofa, which adds richness to the room, you may want to take a bite of its padded arms. But please remember that it is not only the colour like chocolate.

Bright Colours for a Good Mood

Colours affect our emotions and emotions affect our mood. The trick to catching a good mood is of course to use bright colours.

This work, in which the forest image is conveyed with blue tones, will spread the calming effect of both blue and forest to the spirit of the room.The attractive pink of the Feza sofa will help you reinforce your happiness with its energetic appearance.

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