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Designing Baluna, we aimed to design light itself; the way it occupies space and affects mood. The custom designed silent dimmer enables maximum light intensity
control, and the blown glass opal diffuser with a carefully selected LED light bulb, ensures a perfect level of light dispersion.

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Baluna Floor
380 x 380 x 1355 mm
Cord length: 250 cm

Baluna Table
250 x 250 x 465 mm
Cord length: 200 cm

Baluna Table/ Wall
260 x 200 x 200 mm
Cord length: 250 cm

Baluna Wall Medium
515 x 200 x 375 mm
Cord length: 250 cm

Baluna Wall Large
1110 x 200 x 306 mm min
1900 x 200 x 306 mm max
Cord length: 250-330 cm
Adjustable length: 110- 190 cm

Baluna Ceiling
200 x 200 x 1360 mm min
200 x 200 x 2030 mm max
Cord length: 500 cm
Removable cord included
Adjustable height:
136-203 cm

Estimated shipping within 4 weekss.

The Grupa Baluna lamp family includes a floor lamp, a table lamp, a table and wall lamp, a ceiling lamp and two wall lamps. All lamps from this family have a glass shade that can be rotated 360 degrees around its own axis. This lampshade is made of triple-coated, mouth-blown opal glass and has a diameter of 19.7 cm. All Baluna lamps have a black surface and are also available in other surfaces on request.

The warranty for products is valid for 2 years from the moment of the purchase.

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