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by Daniel Wille

Between Man and God


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This work by the artist is about trust and selfishness, temptation and struggle, forgiveness and cruelty. Ultimately, we get to know ourselves on the way to God and through struggle. We throw away the masks because we want to get closer to our essence. Every time we take off the mask we see and recognize ourselves as a different person - the strong become weak, the foolish become wise, the brave become humble. Who am I and where am I?

The eternal question must be set in stone and plaster. The artist captured and felt this image using whatever he could get his hands on like cardboard, plastic, stone, paper, cloth, metal. He tried to capture the moment at its peak, making it tangible and convex, as if breaking the boundary between this world and the artist's world hidden behind the canvas. For this work, he used plaster, cardboard, paper, fabric, metal, stone, oil paint, and acrylic.

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Between Man and God (Masks), 2021
Anime series
plaster, cardboard, paper, fabric, metal, stone, oil, and acrylic
Size: 76*66cm

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