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by Daniel Wille

Black Apples (A temptation Fruit)


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The subject's desire to mediate and enforce the inner state of the perceived environment - ultimately affects awareness of surrounding objects. They are materialized into unsystematically leading and illogical consequences, which are further absolutized in canons (dogmas).

Based on epistemological dualism - our conscious experience is not the real world itself but only its internal representation, an idealized miniature (a virtual copy of the real world). The artwork "Apples of Dualism" was created in the movement of Oltre Realismus (Italian: Oltre - above) founded by Daniel Wille. The goal is the erasure of reality, the splitting off of the generalized concept of "feelings". The key point here is the symbolic image of the apple as the beginning of temptation.

The perception of the artist is not too stable and varied. It has a lot of aftertaste and even the ability to change the content of its works in a given period.

Unlike surrealism (dream and reality), in Oltre Realism, the transmission of the artist's emotions first takes precedence over an idea that sets the direction. It is not, however, a spontaneous projection of allusion and the irrationality that the surrealists aspired to. Oltre Realism is a symbiosis of the artist's inner state and perception, with the smallest components embedded in one essence.

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Black Apples (A Temptation Fruit), 2015
oil on canvas
Size: 159x200cm

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