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by Oleant

Blass Evolution


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Redefine your home or office with elegance and luxury by adding the Blass Evolution to your collection. Be warned that this cannot be mistaken for typical lighting. The Blass Evolution is a status symbol. The soul of this gorgeous lamp is brass tastefully integrated with glass. The result is a remarkable silhouette exuding warm, ambient light to anyone who beholds her beauty. Rooms take on a personality of their own with the Blass Evolution. The foot controlled dimmer allows you to match any mood or setting while the adjustable height and angle provides you the freedom to amplify or subdue any aspect of a space. Day or night, on or off, this is truly an object of envy.

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Weight: 3 kg
Wattage: 9W
LED output: 950 lumens
Colour temperature: 3000°K

Estimated shipping within 1 weeks.

Materials: Aluminium frame, Brass and Glass
LED Life: 50 000 hrs L80/B30
Protection: IP20 (contact us for other requirements)
Certifications: CE, RoHS

Warranty and returns: 3 years

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