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by Nadine Bovenkamp



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The Indian summer collection points to an endless cycle knitted with the wonderful details of the brown silver leaves in the artistic perception of the artist. Thanks to the ethnic details of the Indian culture, the emotional vibrations of the person reach a balance. The importance of perceiving life as the product of an eternal balance becomes evident. Regarding the six-piece Indian summer collection, the artist states: “In my six-piece Indian Summer collection, I create special alchemy by combining the theme of change with the strong colors of autumn. Thanks to the combination of gold, orange, and brown with the timeless anthracite, my paintings radiate an elegant depth, while at the same time adding a calm and powerful effect.”Bring the timeless elegance of autumn colors into your home with artwork from my Indian Summer collection. Each painting in this six-piece collection is a one-off design, handmade with great love by the artist.If you want a nice touch, more luxury, and exclusivity for your home, you can finish your new work of art with a high-gloss, mirror-like smooth coating with epoxy resin!

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Technique: Liquid painting with alcohol ink on a high-quality wooden board.
Size: 50 cm. 1 cm in diameter. depth

4 to 6 weeks

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