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by Dodo Newman

Cherry Blossoms


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Have you ever thought of cherry blossoms blooming in spring? Moreover, did you imagine that this formation would inspire a great work of art? Dodo makes spring and cherry blossoms a part of his paints and creativity by transforming them into a living entities. On the black background, where the colors dance in the vacuum of space, the colors mix with each other, creating a ceremony of emotion. The positive transformation of the flowers crowned in spring on the canvas is good for our souls. Calmness and peace turn into a celebration of good results after a tiring job. The endless story of people celebrating spring with nature also nourishes and enriches life. Inspired by nature in order to be better and stronger individually, this work is the right choice for modern people. In order to make room for the beauty and positive emotions of modern life, the artist follows a conscious path through his art. It invites people who know themselves and want to constantly improve themselves on this journey. The cherry tree represents a constant cycle and gratitude for nature's blessings. It offers the most artistic way to be thankful for everything we have. The dodo uses pigments that change color to purplish, greenish tones. The technique, which seems to be related to the chemistry of this color, takes the artist's improvisation to the next level.

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Technique: Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
Size: 180x160cm

8 to 10 days within the EU

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