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by Dodo Newman

Creating Light


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The Dodo believes in the spirit of life and its eternal blessings. Around this belief, she begins to feed her life and soul as if swimming in a deep river. The spiritual dimension of art illuminates the soul as light illuminates matter. A work that is open to all vibrations of matter has a lot to do with creating light. Creating works with the creative power of light offers every kind of openness and contribution that will cause people to unravel and positively perceive the relationships among each other. Light breaks apart into waves, keeping the power of nature and the powerful effects of matter alive on life. The artist, who adopts extraordinary energy, spiritual expression and makes purifying effects on his philosophy of life, presents flawless views while transforming them. The contrast of light and darkness, which best describes the movement in the spirit of the Dodo, is the artist's movement that uses it to express creative formation and emphasize spirituality. The unchanging message of the artist, the universe is always in motion, works of art are the best means of association in order to find the self by washing the emotions of the formation of this movement in the rivers of nature. The house is important as the place at the center of life. The house belongs to you, it reflects your personal tastes and outlook on life. “Creating Light” makes the house setup that is special to you on the wall hanging when it enters a house, a part of a special design for you. The connotations of the house are completed with the work, creating endless responses. With this extraordinary feast for the eyes, you will be grateful for what the creative power has given you and you will feel that real peace spreads to your soul.

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Technique: Acrylic, Pigments, Oil on Canvas
Size: 80x100cm

8 to 10 days within the EU

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