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by Gabriele Melzer

“Die Sonne meines Lebens trägst du im Gesicht“


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Gabi Melzer firmly believes that color is a tool to reach happy and exhilarating emotions. In the painting, the color almost gushes from the wall with energy that meets all the energy of spring. Speaking the language that comes from nature, which pays attention to details, is done with the forms and colors in the painting. The composition formed with these colors and forms symbolizes the giving of nature in a pure and unrequited way. The image of you carrying nature on your face symbolizes the beauty of the woman's nature, her mind, and the power she takes from life. Gabi Melzer's autumn lines, which she brings together with the female image, are a gift dedicated to nature. The mythical story of the woman re-established this nature. As a viewer, you will be under the influence of this deep view. The bright colors of autumn are shown quite effectively in the portrait of three sensual women. The image of the three paintings contains three different combinations, respectively, Mysterious, Dreamlike, Sensitive. The paintings, whose faces carry the vibrations of the heart directly, will liberate your soul trapped between four walls with warm violet tones and strong color touches. You will always find the strength to start all over again. Your home will shine with these beautiful synergies.

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Die Sonne meines Lebens trägst du im Gesicht
Mixed media: acrylic/pigmented/pastel
Size: 100x100 cm, Height: 3.8 cm.

8 to 10 days within the EU

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