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by Ilgın Erdem

Dream Series


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Ilgın Erdem makes the following statement about her art in her manifesto: "One of the characteristics of human existence is to dream and to have the ability to approach the images created intellectually. Human beings who dream when they are alone are very strong and free. They are unlimited, uninhibited and bright. When individuals come together, they create the desire to experience happiness in the spiritual sharing of their dreams. While dreams built on the power of love turn into life, sometimes they are metamorphosed and become lonely. What lies behind the disappointment that is recycled is due to the loss of freedom of fragile visions. As a result, some individuals find themselves under self-control with sorrow. Their dreams turn into fragile visions in loneliness..."

Ilgın Erdem, "Dream Series", 2021, oil on canvas, 65x85 cm.

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Ilgın Erdem, “Dream Series”, 2021, oil on canvas, 65x85 cm.

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