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by Dodo Newman

Energies VIII.


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It is part of a series called Energies. Dodo Newman designs this series as short instant poems from the Japanese art of Haiku. She tries to reach the depths of her soul by improvising and painting quickly and spontaneously. Improvisation reveals the unique effects of art as an artist's way of making art at the highest levels. Art and the secrets of the soul display a harmonious unity in the visuality of the painting. The use of ink is imbued with fine detail to be drawn into the artwork. While these works of art tell us the secret of the universe, they emphasize the importance of the natural and creative sides of human beings. If you are a different personality and an individual who respects the blessings of the world, these paintings will make friends with you. You are drawn into the hope and optimism that you can establish a free and sincere friendship that can share everything with you spiritually and in life.

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Technique: Acrylic, Ink on Canvas
Size: 74x210cm

8 to 10 days within the EU

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