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by Nadine Bovenkamp



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Pnata Rhei says: “Everything flows, nothing remains.” This work of art is dedicated to the formula of Heraclitus which cannot be washed in the same water twice. Everything is fluid and in motion. Beings, things appear and disappear. Pnata Rhei always tells about this endless cycle, the temporary nature of life. We must create moments of happiness and joy from this dying life. We should bless the blessings of life and boast about them. When material life leaves us, you will see that the flow continues and your spiritual journey is endless. This painting visualizes the symbiotic relationship of Indian philosophy with the flow with the help of colors and variable forms. Anyone who wants to train their soul should get in touch with this series of works, listen to themselves, and face the consequences. For the welfare of an eternal and peaceful world and the souls living in this world, it is important to act as suggested by the artist and to make art the focal point of life.

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Technique: Liquid painting with alcohol ink on a high-quality wooden board.
Size: 50 cm diameter 1 cm depth

4 to 6 weeks

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