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by Christina von Dwingelo-Lütten



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The fresh and inspiring lights of the morning are filled with the joy of starting the day. The feeling of getting rid of all the residues of the previous evening and waking up to a new day and being full of what that day brings is invaluable. The inspiration for this painting is a morning glow for everyone and the deep joy it brings. The feelings evoked by this painting, which accompany new beginnings, are engraved in our minds like a new birth. Throughout life, this image reveals itself to us for every new beginning. This painting, as a carrier of good feelings, is a tempting and inviting image that will be engraved in your mind behind every beautiful and valuable thing. A special brush called Octopus is a great help for the artist to paint in the Impressionist or Pointillist style in his paintings. The artist is a companion who is determined to try the possibilities of expression without giving up on plastic with her technique and to bring different impressions of nature on the relationship of man with her soul to your mind.

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Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: W/H/H: 60x80x1.4 cm.

Delivery time in the EU: 8 to 10 days

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