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by Nadine Bovenkamp



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The live streams of all living things are intertwined in a very elegant and magnificent rush. The ties of this beautiful dance are reflected in this work. Thanks to the interactions between them, a visual feast brings us together with the perfect harmony of all abstract fluidity. She refers to the famous phrase of the artist Paulo Coelho: "Everything is interconnected and has a purpose. While this meaning is often hidden, we know that we are close to and permeating our true mission in the world when our actions are driven by enthusiasm." Feeding the deep rivers in a person's life journey and meeting the dynamic surfaces in these rivers, everything creates a fusion effect on people. The task of a body that calls the good and beautiful is predetermined. She swears faithfully that this world will remain beautiful and endlessly blessed. These works, which serve as a long and deep letter to which faith imposes a responsibility, and that a good understanding of the life stops will mature one's soul, have completed their work in the best way. The artist has more than achieved this with her clear messages and dynamic effect in her works.

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Technique: Liquid painting with alcohol ink on a high-quality wooden board.
Size: 50 cm diameter 1 cm depth

4 to 6 weeks

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