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by Ilgın Erdem

Hidden Hopes for Tomorrow


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Ilgın Erdem makes the following statement about her art in her manifesto: "...Her dreams turn into fragile visions in loneliness. When the desire to exist as an individual turns into a dependent life, the desire to get rid of the spiral of fragility is oppressed and fragile visions begin to turn into fragmented lives. This is the transformation of the desire to live freely in the dull gaze. For a woman, this transformation means losing the joy of living, losing her motherhood, her love, the stars she clings to in her dreams. The 'heartbreaks' of the free bodies in the mortuary turn into broken glass, and by creating her own lantern for years, she creates a new life that she thinks is liberation. Her body bleeds, her soul bleeds, her visions bleed, her dreams shatter... The red ribbons that appear from time to time, the sad dull looks on the yellow skin, the grey birds that cannot be released, the grey seeds and the transparent fragile visions fit the eyes into the life created by the bodies inside like “weaver birds” in a long process..."

Ilgın Erdem, "Hidden Hopes for Tomorrow", 2021, mixed media on canvas, 80x120 cm. 

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Ilgın Erdem, “Hidden Hopes for Tomorrow”, 2021, mixed media on canvas,
80x120 cm.

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