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by Art by Maximo



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Maximo draws inspiration from real experience to capture the fascinating abstract atmosphere in his painting. He brings a real experience to the canvas with photographs taken from Greenland and the air. He thinks that the unique appearance of ice in nature coincides with his understanding of art. The artist transforms this image into a unique work of art with his interpretation. While questioning the real experience of the landscape that changes depending on how you look at it, he also points out that different events can be experienced. It is seen that the artist sensitively uses his technique, no matter how advanced the technology is. The act of animation of a modern painting creates new styles thanks to the fluidity of the painting. The deep expressions of plastic material competence increase the spiritual pleasure of the audience.

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Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 50 x 70 cm, Height: 1.6 cm.

7 Days.

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