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by Art by Maximo



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When the technical possibilities of art are combined with natural materials, wonderful results emerge. We can say that these results are the skill of the art in another sense. Art shows its respect for life while creating flawless forms for art. We reconsider nature and see that the details in it are reflected in the art design. When our eyes in life are shaped by art, our soul becomes open to new excitements. We see this situation when works of art make us feel, and we reach the definition of good art and a good artist. Maximo makes us feel this in his works as an eye that knows the exchange of nature. While making his production, he shapes the natural with his subjective attitudes. Spatulas are used to add his interpretation. The difference in his works and the fact that he bears the artist's signature is due to this.

With its color perception penetrating the textures, pumice mortar plays with coarse sand, making art production unique. The rustic atmosphere of the painting and the dual effect it creates in bright rooms bring many emotions together. Thanks to the artist's touches added to the abstract atmosphere of the painting, the uniqueness of the sophisticated effect in the rooms stands out. Instead of an object hanging on your wall, you feel that an image given by the abstract is hanging.

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Acrylic on Canvas
Spatula Brush, pumice mortar, coarse sand
Size: 80 x 80 cm, Height: 1.6 cm.

7 Days.

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