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by Nadine Bovenkamp

Kintsugi 2


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Kintsugi means a golden link. By connecting broken pottery with golden glue, something beautiful is made from something beautiful. The gold stitching that reassembles the broken pieces highlights imperfections and shows ways to make the object more beautiful and valuable than before. Art continues to seek spiritual solutions to the problems of life, within the logic of repairing and remaking the disposable culture of modern life. This artwork is dedicated to the Kintsugi philosophy. The Kintsugi philosophy is a philosophy of life that teaches respect for the traces of the past, that the wound makes a person special and unique in the world. Gold is symbolically valuable and one of the main components of alchemy. It shows the difficult ways of questioning existence and obtaining immortality. When you become aware of these paths, your inner sea, they flow fluidly and cyclically to bring you joy, happiness, and joy of life. The associations of this work with gold also hide a myth that it will always be alive with a design that brings you good luck.

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Technique: Liquid painting with alcohol ink on a high-quality wooden board.
Size: 50 cm diameter 1 cm depth

4 to 6 weeks

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