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by Dodo Newman

Layers Unfolding


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This work welcomes us with a surface pattern that presents a reality that shows the process of a natural formation. When we think about the idea of ​​creating an artwork, we come face to face with the fact that he designs the creation processes associated with our existence. She describes the vital depths in a philosophical language by using the plastic possibilities of painting to the fullest. Points such as an endless cycle and the balance of life turn into action fields of creative power. The genesis of life could not be explained so well in terms of color and layers. As the viewer notices the disappearing and emerging lines while looking at the painting, they remember the movement of nature and the journey of man's wisdom. When art has sublime feelings, combined with the artist's philosophical approach and art-making techniques, a contemporary aesthetic emerges. You see once again in this painting that the design dimension of contemporary art is brought to life, and you are amazed. The dance, which starts with passion, is fascinated by endless repetition and then by an artistic meaning and expression. The art-loving audience invites the richness of life and the goodwill of nature to the living space by witnessing this formation in which they live together in their home.

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Technique: Acrylic, Oil on Canvas
Size: 100x80cm

8 to 10 days within the EU

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