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by Katharina Mörth



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“In my worldview, there is a big outside and an equally big inside and between these poles, I have the human being, now facing one, now the other, depending on temperament and disposition now one, now the other for the absolute truth and to deny or sacrifice one for the other” (Jung, Carl Gustav). These thoughts brought me to the subject of the cocoon. In various cultures, the butterfly chrysalis is also a symbol of transformation, an allegory for the vulnerable and often withdrawn human condition on the threshold of a new stage of maturity.

My goal was to give this human cocoon its shape. Based on sketch-like photographs of a veiled person, a series of closed sheet steel sculptures. It was important to me to break through these organic, self-contained forms. On the one hand, the holes show that these rigid shells are not necessarily constricting shells from which it is difficult to "escape". On the other hand, they create a connection between the individual in the shell and his environment. An exchange between the ego and the outside world becomes potentially, and thus the individual is asked whether a symbiosis with his environment is possible if he ventures out of his cocoon.

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40cm x 30cm x 35cm, steel sheet 3mm, LED

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