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by Wencke Uhl

Looking Out


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“Looking Out” is a work that appeals to the eye. In the lead role, there is an assertive woman with her looks and stance. This woman may be hiding fragile, deep feelings inside. At the same time, it looks ready to meet all the difficulties that life brings. It uses the possibilities of both photography and painting as a photo-realistic type of painting. The female figure is depicted in detail with an impressionist look. The intersection between different types of art has an important place in the artist's understanding of art. It creates a unique, contemporary effect by using the intersection of art and fashion. From the part to the whole, each part is composed within itself. It has a rich form structure with these painting patterns. Colors and forms are made for a remarkable purpose. In Wencke Uhl's work as an artist, a woman is composed as an individual with personality rather than an object of desire. If the floral patterns are in the background, the woman's hands are the focal point of the painting. “Looking Out” tells us about a look focused on the act of looking, in the representation of women. We can interpret this view as a search for identity and demand for life. A compositional reality is presented that likes to look and be looked at.

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“Looking Out”, 2021, Acrylic and paper on high-quality canvas stretcher, 70 x 70 cm.
Original painting. The sides are painted and it's ready to hang.

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