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by Anja Stemmer



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Looping is a contemporary work of art that encourages courageous and determined, powerful action. In a time when something unexpected can happen at any moment, fear is not a good advisor. Observation and reflection, however, give us guidance in turbulent circumstances -an intensification of awareness is necessary to steer the evolution of things in a positive direction.

A state of permanent revolution has become the norm, the process of change an everyday reality. The best reaction to this? To accept life instead of dismissing it as chaos and letting go of old ideas. This is what the work, with its characteristic, powerful gestures and the vigorous traces of charcoal and liquid paint, seeks to inspire.

“Looping”, 2021, Acrylic, Collage, and Charcoal on Canvas (stretched!), 180 x 140 x 5 cm.

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“Looping”, 2021, Acrylic, Collage, and Charcoal on Canvas (stretched!), 180 x 140 x 5 cm.

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