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by Hendrik Hackl



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Two sculptures (Siberia - about 25,000 years old, weighing 30 and 33 kg), are made of real mammoth tusks, steel combined with slate from Holzmaden. Mammoth tusks are witnesses of the permafrost of Siberia.

Mammoths lived mainly in Alaska and northern Siberia until they became extinct about 10,000 years ago. Its fangs could grow up to four meters long and be used mainly for digging for food under dense snow cover.

Due to global warming, permafrost layers are thawing and the tusks of Ice Age mammoths are reappearing. Very rarely, a pair emerges.

The monumental teeth are in a new, striking position. Mounted on slate-iron pedestals, together they form a sculpture, thus awakening to second life and artistically-aesthetically reminiscent of antiquity.

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2 statues with real mammoth tusks - height 210 cm (Siberia - about 25,000 years old, weight 30 and 33 kg), steel, slate from Holzmaden.

Production and delivery time EU: within 3 weeks.

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