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by Katharina Mörth



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On the subject of "What people do for money," I have dealt with it set what people do to earn a living. In this context, the question of how success is defined for the individual and what drives him/her also seemed important to me. I asked people with different life concepts about it. I have 38 different statements collected and transferred to fragments of old tombstones. For me, success is measured less in monetary terms than in the implementation of the work. To continue a concept or to take work to a new level technically is a small success for me. For this reason, I have chosen two media that are important to me for the exhibition, sculpture and

Photography fused in a new way. I call it “sculptural photography”. For me, photography is not so much an image, but rather a source of inspiration or a kind of graphic focus. As a sculptor and painter, I have been working with the medium of photography for over 10 years. Initially just for the form or color search, then I combined these "draft" photos with other media, which created additional layers and independent works for me. After the series of luminous objects, where I combined photography with drawing, I have now gone a step further and deformed the photographs with sculptures that I modeled.

I modeled 14 different figures, especially for this project and cast molds are created from it using a complex working process. I have 20 different photographs I took on a special film to print. Aesthetically, for me, the contrast between the plastic sheeting and the texture of the hand-sculpted figures was a big draw. Since the figures are modeled very filigree, it needed for each deformed Photograph a new cast. The deformed image subjects show people at work or symbolize sections or abstracts of a profession. Despite the repetitive cast figures, the combination and implementation of each piece are unique and therefore no longer reproducible.

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