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Mori is one of the newest products in the Tokio company's collection. Just as a forest grows randomly but uniquely natural, Mori shelves grow randomly and uniquely in many ways for your books, lights, sculptures and memories. And like the forest, "Mori" can adapt to its natural environment. This shelf can be placed in different shapes, angles and with a harmonious organic flow in different environments.


Estimated shipping within 6 to 8 weeks.

L: 470 x W: 50 x H: 184.4 cm

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L: 470 x W: 50 x H: 184.4 cm
MORI is a freestanding bookcase with steel shelves and carbon fiber legs.

Estimated shipping within 6 to 8 weeks.

A new addition to our colection, Mori. As the forest grows naturally in a pattern random but clear, Mori shelves grow in many ways randomly clear for your books, lights, statues and memories. And like forest - mori - is adaptable to its natural surroundings this shelf can be set in different environments, with different shapes, angles and harmoniously organic flow.

5-year warranty, any problem should be contacted with the company. There are no returns.

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