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by Carmen Schlieker



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When we look at the nature picture, we hear the fresh forest air, the crackling of the wood, and the sweet whisper of the wind on the treetops.  In the middle of the picture, a forest welcomes us. 

The natural elements that make up this forest are animals and plants, without them, we cannot hear the forest. It also whispers our voice to us. It is the true universe of Natura, the supreme wisdom of nature and the happiness that travels in the forest that people perceive. No one knows better than the artist that man also takes shape in this universe. The dragonfly with its geometric, flawless shape symbolizes undying love. The combination of pastel yellow and green, interspersed with slightly light-dark contrasts, leaves man alone with his nature. It opens a questioning door about what you want to do in life. This painting, in which empathy and symbolism are intense, asks questions that add color to life and contribute to the development of the person.  The true face of nature as composed in the painting makes people ask questions and makes you a partner in nature's creativity. Here in Natura is a rich work of compositional detail that encompasses all the mystical aspects of nature. If you want to give space to thinking and living, this painting will embrace you.

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Acryl on canvas, 100 x 100 cm.

8 to 10 days within the EU

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