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by Wencke Uhl

Pretty in Pink


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“Pretty in Pink” invites us to the romantic and colorful world of Wencke Uhl. The color pink evokes friendship, sweetness, balance, inner beauty, and intimacy. A woman dressed in trousers and a jacket looks at us with desire, and we turn toward the details in the painting. The trousers and jacket, as a separate pattern, leave a soft effect with a pink background. Although the female figure looks masculine like trousers and jackets, it evokes femininity with its color preferences. This is the irony of the picture. While dissonance stands out in terms of form and content, it highlights the dramatic structure and pictorial effect of this painting. As a pop and photorealistic work, “Pretty in Pink” creates new styles for itself where the eye sees. The journey of an eye wandering on a pink surface ends with the confident sitting of the figure. Wencke Uhl's female models have a strong relationship with the fertile and positive aspects of femininity. She evaluates them sensitively from the point of view of women. She gives importance to the resisting and combative side of women and examines the issue of women's strength. “Pretty in Pink” is fun at first glance, fun to watch, and a stimulus to appreciate the moment.

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“Pretty in Pink”, 2022, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.

Original painting. ***ships un-stretched in a tube*** Can easily be re-stretched by your local framer

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