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by Wencke Uhl



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Wencke Uhl is one of the late female artists who portray women in a sharp, direct, and ironic way. She has an understanding that creates the perception of photorealism and pop painting through the theme of women. She handles the phenomenon of women with the sensitivity of being a woman. That is why it uses the “Salt and Pepper” theme as a contrasting feature. We feel the depths of women's reality under the picture that seems colorful and fun to us. In this painting by Wencke Uhl, the surface and the deep form a dual encounter. On the surface, pop female figures add texture and difference to the painting through their clothes. Deep down, there are expressions of these women that include the meanings of equality, freedom, and being a woman. This is exactly what makes Wencke Uhl ironic and indispensable. When a delightful painting and a genuinely sensitive view come together, the artist's originality and difference make us feel good.

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“Salt’n’Pepper”, acrylic and paper on canvas, 120 x 120 cm.

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