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by Val Wecerka

Schriftzug III


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Val Wecerka writes about her “Unwritten Letters” series: “When we think of writing to a person and sit before an empty piece of paper a lot of thought cross our minds. Between the conscious thoughts that are formed and the words that are finally brought to paper, a lot happens. My series focuses on this sphere in the in-between. Everything that is thought but not said. I even link an unconscious act to this process. The scribbles that go to paper before writing or while one is thinking. I see these scribbles as things unsaid or rather not even consciously thought. But our hand still moves and produces a form. The abstraction of a thought.”

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Technique: Watercolors on paper on cardboard
Size: 36 x 31 cm

Delivery time: 15 days.

“Schriftzug III”, 2022

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