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by Jonas Pehrsson

Square 3


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Pehrsson's frames are an evocative figure of what the artist wants to point out. As a vivid and colorful element of the picture, it forms the crucial point of the composition. The picture surface gains a hidden form with the square symbolizing the solid and modern structure of the picture. The infinity of the abstract painting contrasts with the square. It allows the picture to gain form within the form. Regarding the Squares series, the artist states the following: “With my series of squares, I want to convey a sense of togetherness, where we have interconnected but different contents. The square is a classic shape that never expires and can be filled with just about anything. Every image in this series is a signature to a unique work handcrafted with a lot of emotion.

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Size and Technique: Acrylic paint on 300 g paper, 30 x 40 cm.

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