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by Christina von Dwingelo-Lütten



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Christina Dwingelo continues to follow the traces left by the changing and transforming energies of the climate. The unlimited color tones associated with the barren and yellow dependency of the summer months is a feature that exists even in the smallest part of the painting. The whole of the painting is full of the traces left by imagination and past experiences on the intellectual ground. It is also related to the drying of the soil and the cracks caused by thirst and the cutting of human nutrition vessels. Art brings to mind survival and meeting with the image of rich fertile land by feeding the mind and imagination, just as water feeds nature. Barrenness can turn into an opportunity and wealth depending how people handle it. A work of art is a philosophical and inspirational resource that nourishes all areas of life. Each piece of nature's impressions is a special design that triggers creativity and ensures the continuation of life. While the fields of summer are the subject of this painting, she turns this experience into a symbol and turns it into a permanent message on the wall.

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Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: W/H/H: 60x80x1.7 cm.

Delivery time in the EU: 8 to 10 days

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