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by Sabine Rudolph



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This image is a simple digital composition based on two photos combined together. The color scheme makes the image soft and warm. That is why she named the image “Sunny”. It captivates with its simplicity and clear imagery.

Very sturdy and easy to hang, it is a straightforward image that will bring joy. It produces good mood in the viewer. It is offered in a small edition of 5 copies. The canvas is of very good quality, stapled on sturdy wooden strips. It has a matte finish. Since 2021 Sabine Rudolph also engaged in digital art. This art direction is subject to the same compositional principles as in her painting.

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Technique: New Media Print, Digital on Canvas
Size: 30 x 40 x 2 cm

Delivery time: 15 days.

“Sunny”, 2022
Limited Edition of: 5

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