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by Dodo Newman

Swimming in Calm and Joy


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This work reflects all the vibrations of the inner and outer world. It transforms the movement and movement in nature, where each person will find traces of their own experience. When Dodo asked her daughter to interpret this work, she felt grateful that she was seeing the coral under the sea. This feeling brings the person to the unlimited connotations of the universe through his eyes. Every time you look for art-loving eyes that want to feel the dynamic in the universe and take shape with it, you will see that it holds a mirror to the changes in your soul. The infrastructure of the supersensory world and philosophy, where the deep vision is one with the ether body apart from the physical body, makes itself felt in all paintings. You are faced with deep designs that combine vital energy, abstract form with improvisational style, and perfect painting knowledge. Swimming in a calm and joyful sea is a submarine journey. A thousand and one hues of corals turn the tour into a joyful underwater concert. All living forms underwater take in the joy and peace that fall upon them from this riot of sounds and colors.

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Technique: Acrylic, Pigments, Oil on Canvas
Size: 80x60cm

8 to 10 days within the EU

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