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Swing Model N1. Indoor Gold


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Ring-shaped, gold-plated swings are one of the most tasteful and eye-catching parts of the decoration. Gold in color and made of oak plywood, it brings back the experience of nature in a stylish design. This product, which combines beautifully with the product it is used with, has an unforgettable effect with its flexible structure and the door it opens to the imagination. The gold leaf swing applies the gold with the craft of gilding, an ancient plating pattern. Designs made with this ancient technique are therefore very special and unique. It is also custom made to suit any taste with gold and silver options. With its gold plated swing ring shape, it will add a mystical atmosphere to your rooms. Knowing that this natural product you chose to relax is ready and waiting for you at home creates a very nice feeling. Swing Gold is not suitable for outdoor use. It is not resistant to hot sunlight and rain.

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Diameter: 110 cm Depth: edge - 12,5 cm Seat - 33,5 cm

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These SWINGS are made from bent oak plywood with a gold leaf finish. Together they create a magnificent piece that will decorate any luxury residence.Exclusive gold CIRCLE SWINGS, a touch of gold always adds a touch of glamour to swings.Impact metal is a thin metal foil disguised in the petal as real gold brass. This is the old handmade technique (it is gold plated art), so they are very exclusive products. That's why we make gold and silver swings only for individual order.

Made of molded oak plywood.

Diameter: 110 cm Depth: edge - 12,5 cm Seat - 33,5 cm

Material: stainless steel bracket with carabiner hole - ceiling system for installation is not included.

Estimated shipping within 30 days.

The Circle SWINGS for private and public interiors.
Hanging swinging chair will perfectly underline the interior and act as a modern curios thing in the room.
SWINGS are made for fun and joy. The natural design that makes your smile.
Made in Poland, with unique attention to detail creating an impressive addition to your interior design.
We love, what we do.
We do, what we love: beautiful swings.
Iwona Kosicka Design

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