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by CPS Steampunk

The Flying HOTROD Mark 1


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The story:

It's the year 1930.

The Ford Model A has been on the market since 1928, and has many Innovations to the previous model T received. Innovations that made it better, safer and faster.

An inventor has also bought this model A, but all these innovations get lost in the congested streets of New York, he's stuck in traffic! He looks at his watch and thinks "I'll be late" a moment later he has revolutionary mobility thought. “What if automobiles could fly”, “I would never be late again”

His thoughts were in the future.

“Would this change our lives?”

“What would our world of tomorrow look like?”

With this thought and the plan to turn it into reality he went to his workshop and created this prototype and named it “Mark 1”. He was the first person in this world to invent the hyperdrive that powers the vehicle to hover, and to move forward he installed a revolutionary. Jet engine, which according to his calculations this vehicle to over 450 miles could accelerate per hour.

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Car only
L 33 x W 15 x H12
The whole object
L 34 x W 20 x H 25

Materials used:
The base is a sandstone I fished out of the Fulda River.
The body is sheet steel rusted and sealed.
All other materials are copper and brass from scrap.
The lighting is 5 x 220 glow lights.

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