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by Krassimir Kolev

The Secrets of the Woods 2


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Art Editor Ümmühan Kazanç explains in her article about Krassimir Kolev’s "The Secrets of the Woods" series: “When I first saw a painting from Krassimir Kolev's "The Secrets of the Woods" series on the artist's Instagram account, I literally fell in love. In an instant, the words "Oh my God" spilled out from my lips. First of all, the deep blue that dominates the picture enveloped me. It was as if I wanted to float in this deep, deepest blue… This parliamentary blue took me to a summer evening clad in a desolate, warm, starry, and magical night blue…

Everything was enchanting and happy. I even felt and inhaled that wonderful, indescribable moist smell emanating from the trunks of the trees. The sprouts that had just begun to bloom on the branches of the trees were shining like tiny stars, almost like diamonds. I am a person in love with nature, I love nature in all its forms; branches covered with snow in winter, trees resembling a flower paradise in spring, the poetry of the yellow-red color transitions of autumn leaves… But watching the trees and getting lost in the forest from Krassimir Kolev's window, which is reminiscent of the deep blue of the ocean, is a different pleasure, a different beauty. To be able to see and feel this virginity, as if no human being had discovered this place before, as natural as if they had never set foot, and as innocent as if it were the first gift of Krassimir Kolev.”

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Secrets of the woods # 2, 40 x 50 cm, oil on canvas.

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