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by Krassimir Kolev

The Secrets of the Woods 8


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Art Editor Ümmühan Kazanç explains in her article about Krassimir Kolev’s "The Secrets of the Woods" series: “I also had the chance to chat with Krassimir Kolev about this very special series. He explained that he wanted to paint not for intellectual reasons, but because he fell in love with this forest and trees. He felt the mysterious songs whispered in his ears by the trees, and fell in love with the naturalness of nature. These pictures tell a love story, not a nature picture, he explains. Indeed, the artist Krassimir Kolev has more than succeeded in portraying all the wonderful emotions and legendary feelings he feels in this wooded area. Isn't the success of the painting also hidden here? To be able to let the viewer experience all the emotions of that pictorial process, the moment of the artist's burst of emotion… Thank you very much Krassimir for making us experience these beauties.”

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Secrets of the woods # 8, 140 x 100 cm, oil on canvas.

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