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by CPS Steampunk

The Sun Goddess


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The inspiration:

The Sun Goddess... It gives off light and warmth.

The “steampunk” aspects of adventure, romance, and science can also be found in this project.

The genesis:

This lamp consists of components that most people would say don't belong together. The base represents the figure I found in the scrap. For this figure, I researched that it was a popular Mother's Day gift from around 1900. The original figure held a mechanical clock in his hands, had a pregnant belly and babies were crawling at his feet. The find in the scrap was sobering, the clock was missing and the figure was otherwise in extremely bad condition. I completely reworked the character, removing the infants at her feet and also her pregnancy belly as well as the old watch case she was holding in her hands.

The base of the lamp is a large cogwheel, taken from a pre-war NSU motorcycle originating and serving the speedometer drive. This beautiful figure now stands on this cogwheel. At her feet is an old engraving from which the figure appears to be growing. In her hands, she now holds a fire bowl with 5 ruby-colored spots instead of the clock,

These light up fiery red when the huge 10 cm light bulb,

- which appears to be lying directly in this fire bowl and the figure carries the sun in it - begins to glow.

The lampshade consists of several old components, the outer ring is one piece of an old lamp, adjacent to this is an old sheet of copper and the inner ring is an old brass shell - at least part of it - these components were first peened into shape by me with a ball-peen hammer and then connected with brass rivets.

There are 2 glass spot rings in the lampshade, a red ring in the lower part with 8 ruby-colored spots, and in the middle part a ring with 7 blue glass spots. These cast their color dots depending on the brightness control on the 220V dimmer, which is an old cogwheel from a wall clock as a regulating wheel, into the room. On the lampshade, there is a gear wheel from a bicycle, which is used to attach 4 brass screws to the lamp socket that comes from an ancient chandelier.

The arm of the standpipe is part of an ancient chandelier and the tip of the standpipe consists of components of the radiator technology and a curtain rod end piece. Finally, based on the steam engine genre "Steampunk", I mounted an old pressure gauge which I provided with a clock face to also refer to the writer HG Wells because he wrote "the time machine". The inventor from his novel was an outspoken watch enthusiast.

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The dimensions:
The foot Ø 18 cm
The shade Ø 25 cm
The height of 48 cm

The materials:
brass, steel, copper

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