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by Tokio

Tri Light


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Tri Light has the shape of a honeycomb made of perfect triangles. An enlightenment product that represents the post-factual era. Thanks to its paracompact, flexible design system, it can be easily changed infinitely (smaller/larger). It can be manufactured in the desired size and shape according to the requirements of the spaces. Each milled and anodized aluminum triangle shines on its own, creating a widely diffused, harmonious light that reminds us of the importance of elemental particles. It makes the LED shine.

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Technical Specifications
It’s modular structure is made of anodized aluminum. It comes in a variety of color options. LED, 2.3W per module. 2700K-4000K adjustable. CRI90.
Dimmable. It is programmable. 12, 18, 26, 36, 46, 58, 82 modules are in standard sizes. Custom sizes are available. 110 V - 240 V

TRI12: L: 68.5 x W: 37.2 cm
TRI12.1: L: 59.9 x W: 51.3 x H: 6.7 cm
TRI18: L: 85.5 x W: 46 cm
TRI18.1: L: 79.1 x W: 68.5 x H: 10 cm
TRI26: L: 119 x W: 46.3 cm
TRI36: L: 136.1 x W: 57.2 cm
TRI46: L: 153.2 x W: 67.2 cm
TRI58: L: 169.2 x W: 74.7 cm
TRI82: L: 205 x W: 86.7 cm

Estimated shipping within 6 to 8 weeks.

The Tri Light is An Expression Of Fundamental Forces That are Universal, Yet Infinitely Diverse. The Milled and Anodised Aluminium Triangles are Configurable to Work Within and For Each Specific Space. An Infinitely Expandable Design System, The Tri Light Illuminates The Timeless Geometry Of Nature Within The Areas We İnhabit: Luminous And Ethereal, Yet as Timeless as The Laws of Physics Themselves.
S. Sakamoto

5-year warranty, any problem should be contacted with the company. There are no returns.

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