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by Hendrik Hackl

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In this work, the artist reveals a unique life of millions of years. Wall sculpture, fish fossil (Branerion, Santana Formation/Brazil - Lower Cretaceous - 115 million years old), a plate of petrified tomato sauce.

Where the oceans were hammered millions of years ago, mountains, plains and valleys now stretch out, and fish of the past hide in the sediments below. Fortunately, with paleontological knowledge and skill, it is possible to recover individual primitive fish fossils. These genuine and unique finds are carefully dislodged from the rock and thus begin the second life of the fossilized fish. Millions of years of magic, artistic inspiration, and careful craftsmanship have created an inspiring unique piece.

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Wall sculpture - 70 x 45 cm - fish fossil (Branerion, Santana formation/Brazil - Lower Cretaceous - 115 million years old), sheet metal, petrified tomato sauce.

Production and delivery time EU: within 3 weeks.

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