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by Christina von Dwingelo-Lütten



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It is an accepted reality that the underwater world triggers the dream. The vibrations of the dream world are embodied in the unique forms of the underwater. Seaweed, illuminated by bright light, is a depiction of dreaming underwater. The artist designed an allegorical work with this painting. By using the pure and unlimited properties of water beyond reality, she carried the calmness that makes people breathe to the walls of the houses. The intensity and tiredness of modern life are relieved by moving away from the material. This table can have such purposes for daily life. But the main thing is to create a painting equipped with free colors, which is tried to be created with imaginary images. The most correct and simplest way to reach limitless dimensions that people cannot reach can be explained by the feelings in this painting. While painting, pigments were added to the green to make it a lively painting. Fantastic creatures accelerate the mind's playful and expressive fantasy world. You begin to perceive life as easier and more sophisticated.

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Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: W/H/H: 80x100x1.7 cm.

Delivery time in the EU: 8 to 10 days

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