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by Val Wecerka

Worlds in Blue and Brown


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Val Wecerka writes about her “What is home series”: “What are the unconscious desires and longings that connect with Home? Is Home only for regressive wishes, or can other meanings be recognized? Does homeland always refer to the "Lost" and how can it be artistically interpreted? Can Home be understood as an Inner Space?

In 1992, I came to Vienna and being alone, my only way to communicate with my parents at the time was to write letters. In the beginning, I took the personal letters between myself and my parents, using them in my works as abstract signs, characters and fonts. 

When I took things with me from my homeland, I always wrapped them in newspaper. I wanted to capture these memories so I began to place the old newspapers on canvas, making a collage then applying color. First the canvas was flat, then I began to cut the letters and collage them too. In a sense, I wanted to hide them, I did not want to see them as clearly as memories that fade, so I hid them under a newspaper. After working with handwritten letters and fonts, I started using printed matter, which led me to the absolute abstraction, where I glued squares one by one, which are no longer readable. Letters become patterns.”

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Technique: Cardboard paper and newspaper on canvas
Size: 70 x 90 cm.

Delivery time: 15 days.

“Worlds in Blue and Brown”, 2021

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