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by Wencke Uhl



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“Zenith” is a good choice for living together at your bedside. Wencke Uhl portrays the female figurine with bold, confident, and inviting looks in “Zenith”. Freedom is essential for women who know what they want to do. The female model in “Zenith” represents smart and successful women proclaiming their freedom. These women can be both feminine and selfless and altruistic, as a mother. The plastic fiction of the painting associates the woman with fashion. Dress details form the main focal point of the painting. We are watching a variation of a pop art painting with a woman theme. In the painting where the eye looks with curiosity, we encounter the courageous stance of the female figure. The artist believes in the importance of acting freely in a painting that is compatible with the fast flow of life. You can find the artist's view of life and her thoughts on women's freedom and strength in this painting. In addition, Wencke Uhl succeeds in reversing the perception of women in the history of painting.

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“Zenith”, 2022, Acrylic and paper on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.

Original painting. ***ships un-stretched in a tube*** Can easily be re-stretched by your local framer.

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