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by Miriam Smidt



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ZooMotion is one of the best examples of fluently painting with light. The energy of light is spread to construct a contemporary image with the energy of color. Thanks to these traces of paint, which are transformed into the creative effects of imagination, art accumulates traces of the past for the immature styles of future ages. While this exciting accumulation creates the physical body of the work of art, it transforms its space into a sea full of vibrations like a polyphonic symphony. The limitlessness of the mind never gives up the creative dimension of the human being with what she produces. ZooMotion freezes multidimensional emotional and thought systems forever with the reflection of a fluid, dynamic movement. The image of the Mona Lisa gains a different dimension in the new age when abstract expressionist paintings internalize the experience. The classic turns into the modern and gains a new identity. As if feeling the technological transformation of life, ZooMotion reconstructs the new aesthetics of art with its perspective and feelings. The fact that all this theoretical subtext brings to mind the animal form, especially the snake, leads us to a poetic lyricism and the meaning of the snake and the animal associated with ethnic cultures. The snake metaphor is ideal for creating stories in the limitless imagination of a cultural person. The meaning added to life through these stories is contemporary. These cultural and artistic stories will certainly be the leading roles in the room of the viewer who lives with the painting, adding unlimited variations to life.

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Technique: Ink, pastel, oil pastel on canvas
Size: 150 x 100 cm.

8 to 10 days within the EU

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