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by Nobonobo

Armchair UNI


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Armchair Uni, designed by Stas Litvinov. Armchair Uni exaggerates its seat feature. It offers you a soft, fluffy, visual appearance reminiscent of your favorite furry toy. While creating his concept, he creates a design at the end. All components of the chair show an extreme feature. Having a fluffy fabric brings you a soft and warm life experience. Each piece shows unique features in itself. It contains originality that cannot be compared with any other design. Armchair Uni is made just for you. It is a stand-alone piece that matches your home decor. It makes you feel safe with its anti-allergic feature. Get ready to host a charismatic guest at home with gray and black color options.

Choose your fabric according to the spirit of your home:

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Delivered in min 60 days.

Polystyrene + polyester silicone fibers. Our fibers have an air channel and are additionally torsionally crimped, which provides the product with spaciousness, fluffiness and elasticity.
metal black matt
RAL 9010

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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