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Gus Model 2


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Gus, the first time you see the washbasin model, you will find it surprising and cute. Gus washbasin designed by Michael Hilgers likes to be functional and fun in everyday life. You are faced with a product where you experience the evolution of form, from Italian aesthetics to ancient lines. The geometric reality of the wall decorations and the imaginary images of the east are exhibited in this design. For Gus, nothing is accidental. You won't find anything extra or missing here. Common to these products, which everyone will interpret according to their own opinion, is that each of these designs constructs an internal dynamism in unity and balance. These pieces are intelligent and sensitive designs that have a say in every detail when life gets in the way of dreams. It perfectly accompanies lives that respect the past and foresee the future. For Gus there can never be any regrets, it is always ahead of time and aware of true comfort.

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Sink: W: 54.5 x H: 88 x D: 37.7 cm
Tap: Ø3.6 15.4x13.5

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It is sold together as a concept, including a tap and siphon.

Due to handcrafted manufacturing, our product may undergo modifications and changes. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee color uniformity between stock productions and sample materials.
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