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by Miriam Smidt

Mariana Trench


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The Mariana Trench evokes a timeless encounter thousand miles below sea level. It is a unique painting that will immerse you in the timeless climate of the sea and trigger your imagination with its sophisticated landscapes. The mysterious stance in its name leaves us to romanticism at the heights of art with an abstract expressive style. A side of the unknown, which symbolizes the creative power of man in the march of civilization, in this painting, purifies your soul with the memories of one's mind and the dreams of the past. Mariana Trench will take us to other realms and stories like a game between existence and non-existence. When you feel that these stories are fairy tale heroes, the fairy tale turns into a true story and adds a youthful and poetic depth to life in line with your passions is one of the most beautiful dreams that this painting likes to see.

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Mariana Trench
Technique: Ink, pastel, oil pastel on canvas
Size: 100x50 cm.

8 to 10 days within the EU

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