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Let's design your dream home together!

We offer exceptional solutions for your home. When you send us a frontal photo of your room(s), we place the furniture, accessories, artwork, and wallpaper of your choice in the space. In other words: We'll transform the picture you send us into your dream home or space with the actual furniture and products we offer on our website, so you can better imagine it. And all this, of course, before you decide to buy. We will advise you on the realization of your dream project. Your comfort is our priority and our graphic designers are at your disposal free of charge.

Share your ideas with us and have your questions answered by our selected Interior design experts in a secure website environment.

We are always here for you online and offline. Feel free to call, email, or message us and rest assured that our professional team will guide you step by step.

How to use IMAGINE?


Step 1. One photo away from your dream.

Changing the decoration of your home has never been easier. Instead of sacrificing your days and months by visiting the decoration shops, send us a photo of the room you want to change the design of and you can just relax on your seat and wait.

Step 2. Transformation.

Based on the room dimensions in the photo you sent, we design your dream house or room with stylish and elegant furniture that you choose from the All-in-Line website.

Step 3. When the wishes come true.

You are about to reach your home, where you will experience indescribable happiness for a long time, with contemporary, minimalist and timeless designs offered for sale on All-in-Line's website. 

How does it work?

Requirements for your photography


The photo has to be made in the frontal direction.


The picture quality should be 200 - 300 ppi and the image size should be under 4 MB.


Make sure there is enough light in the room.


For the best result – remove clutter and small details.

Frequently Asked Questions