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by Art by Maximo

Australian Desert Ground


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“Australian Desert Ground” can be thought as a rebellion susceptible to the earth drying up and threats such as forest fires. It may be difficult to think about what this job evokes in your living room, but knowing what it feels like gives a positive motivation. Adding a modern attitude against the destruction of nature to the atmosphere of your room makes you a part of this sensitivity. As the balance of the world changes negatively, it is important to always have a starting point for your objections. We are watching an artist cry through art, who thinks about the balances like the art that emerges from nature returns to it again.

As the name “Australian Desert Ground” can be understood, it means soil that cracks without water. It is made with a technique in which natural motifs are applied in abstract forms. While being abstract pushes the person to the depths of the imagination, it continues to form entirely in the infinity of the universe. It builds new worlds beyond the visible. In the background of the painting, there is a black structure resembling pumice and lava stone. The cracks, which effectively give the detail of a desert in the painting, reinforce the abstract expressionist accents of the painting. The colors of the painting, which have an abstract expressionist style, leave the impression of being alive in your room. The colors are lightfast. They make a great couple with the light. The painting has visualized the signature of the artist, who is equipped with all kinds of details that make his vision of reviving nature real and has an abstract sensitivity that goes beyond a painting.

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Australian Desert Ground
Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 100 x 40 cm, Height: 1.6 cm.

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